For French users the story is here : 3DVF Inking, futur logiciel de dessin et animation 2D en cours de développement

News : 01-07-2022

News : 01-01-2022

The open-beta of the summer 2021 was too slow
  • After a big pause - I rewritting a big part of the code to increase the speed.
  • Added a tool to create pixel font.
  • Tools to do gradients circle, vertical, horizontal and from vector.
  • Reverse color in multi thread.
  • Tool to add markers in time line for animator.
  • A little tool to rotate pixel.
  • Tool to add a background.

News : 01-01- 2021

News : 12-11-2020

  • multi plan for Pixel layer.
  • Texture tool linked to enveloppe tool in the time line.

News : 15-09-2020

  • Template white and dark, button on the right.
  • Template keyboard ctrl+alt+w && ctrl+alt+b
  • export gif.
  • export png with transparency chanel.
  • export format ppm.
  • Gold rules and perspectives tool and specefic layer
  • Add horizontal line and vertical line.
  • NEW add note of music in the time line !

News : 24-04-2019

  • Circle improvement.
  • Layer Polygon with tool to select points.
  • Layer Bezier curve to create polygon from Bezier curve.
  • Some tools to select move points of Bezier curves.
  • Render engine to render Pixel area in color, render line in other color than black, rend polygon, render bezier polygon.
  • Ctrl-Z and ctrl-Y implemented.
  • Enveloppe tool in the time line.

News : 04-11-2018

  • Export JPEG.
  • import picture and convert in black and white.
  • Erase all the canvas.
  • Tool to decrease the brushes in mode Pixel Fluid Line.
  • Module polygone 2d big Upgrade.
  • Implementation of the first time line.
  • Tool to make intervals for animation.
  • Export in mp4.
  • Tool to draw perspective 1 point, 2 points, 3 points.
  • Circle and rectangle linked to symmetry tool.

News : 04-07-2018

  • export PNG 96dpi.
  • create your own brushes.
  • mode symmetry X and Y.
  • mode polygon and pixels 2d.
  • zoom to work pixel by pixel.
  • copy, cut, paste in black and white.

The beginning : 10-05-2018

  • Circle.
  • Rectangle empty and filled.
  • Set point brush rectangle or circle.
  • trace discontinue point from the type of brush.
  • trace continue path from the type of brush.

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